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Meet the Women who Run the Show

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Welcome to the Wild Wild West in Color. As an all women-led organization, our leadership team comprises talented women from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared commitment to drive positive change, educate youth, and empower our communities.

"At the heart of our mission lies a profound commitment to honoring and uplifting the enduring legacy of African American contributions throughout history. Guided by a vision of inclusivity and fueled by unwavering dedication, we are steadfast in our resolve to furnish a vibrant platform where African American cowboys, cowgirls, farmers, and ranchers can illuminate their talents and stories. Our aim is to celebrate their indomitable spirit, resilience, and invaluable contributions, ensuring that their brilliance shines brightly for all to see. Together, we stand as torchbearers of empowerment, unity, and recognition, forging a path where every voice is heard, every journey celebrated, and every legacy cherished."


Ronni Davis-Frank

Founder - Wild Wild West In Color 

Legacy Economic Development Corporation 


Erica Frank

Grand Entry Coordinator


Rafiki Carter

Box Office Manager


Chanette Campbell

Black Rodeo USA


Carolyn Carter

Founder - Midwest Invitational Black Rodeo

Rodeo Producer


Tiffany Carter

Arena Director


Jackie Leggett

Corporate Partnerships


Grace Hendy

Event Coordinator  


Adrienne Rogers

Assistant Grand Entry Coordinator


Lanette Campbell

Founder - Black Rodeo USA

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